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4 Practical Ways To Find The Best Investor For Your Business
by ipadmin
Let’s be truthful, if you happen to meet investors today, your top priority would be to convince them about the potential profitability of your business and get the cash as quickly as possible. While funds are important for your startup, money should not be the only criterion to consider when searching for investors. Locating the…
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How to “Add Work” and showcase your innovation
by ipadmin
Add Work gives you the opportunity to show the world the innings of your work - that is, your innovative product or service. Ideapard is designed to let you show case as many works as possible linked to your portfolio. This article explains you can do along ideapard guidelines. Steps To add a new work…
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How to build a profile that attracts funders
by ipadmin
Ideapard Network has been designed to showcase everything about your startup creating the ideal marketing platform for your business' visibility. This article will show you the simple steps it takes to build your company's profile, with tips on what Ideapard investors seeking to fund startups on this site look for. Steps Login > Click down…
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