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Where innovation meets investments

The Ideapard Network is a platform were prospective innovators meet potential investors. Ideapard forms a bridge what enables business enthusiasts meet to discuss with the objective of starting or running a successful business.

How it works

It’s easy! Follow the sequence below and you will be well on your way to getting the support you need to make your ideas fly off the shelf!

Step 1: Sign up

Click the signup button and fill in the form or let us fill if for you using your Facebook details. Your information is protected and will not be shared with third parties unless you permit.

Step 2: Build a profile

Tell us about yourself and its innovation – what will makes you and your work stand out from the competition. Look out for tips on our blog for how to build the profile that gets our attention.

Step 3: Add a “work”

Dedicate one page each to describing an innovation and the market it is suppose to reach. Tell us why you think it would be profitable anyone who chooses to invest in it!

Step 4: Get voted up

Invite friends in and outside the network and share on social media to comment on your work and “like” it. The more likes you get the better chance you have to be funded to realize your dreams!

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